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Introducing the Latest FLX Medical Delivery Solution.

flx_truckA compact new alternative to the typical delivery van, this new design packs a lot of hauling capacity in a small package. It's specifically designed to carry a full load of medical equipment while avoiding the driving difficulties often associated with larger vehicles. In fact, the overall size is approximately the same as a standard van.

One striking feature on the new FLX is the liberal use of multiple exterior doors that provides easy access to special items such as oxygen bottles, without requiring the opening of the main cargo area door.

The main cargo area provides storage space for a variety of large and/or irregularly shaped items, such as mattresses, wheel chairs and bed rails. Cargo tracking and straps are used to secure these items. Ramps and liftgate options allow the easy loading of heavy equipment.

With FLX Industries, the basic design is only the starting point, each FLX is custom built to order. This means the customer has the opportunity to select from a large menu of optional features, then add personal touches to meet their specific delivery needs.

This new cargo body can be fitted to a variety of truck chassis, so if you prefer Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota or something else entirely, it's not a problem. Just contact you FLX representative and ask them for complete details about the "new FLX."

Download a pdf document about this new FLX.